Colourblock Cranes

"My days are consumed by thinking about colour, I have spent over two years speaking only in colour in my tweets. When I travel I collect images of temporary building site scaffold structures and for many years I have been fascinated by cranes. So to be asked to colour a group of cranes just came at the perfect time." says Morag

"Cranes are so skeletal standing elegantly, moving and sometimes even dancing round in the sky. The sky continually changes colour and the cranes respond to the changes, I can see a yellow crane from my living room, yesterday the sky was stormy and the light was quite eerie and the crane just glowed. I often use a series of four colours in my work to represent the sun and I like the idea, the first two cranes form the sun and the colours of the other cranes with respond to this hot colour palette." says Morag

A series of vibrant colourways for cranes used construction on sites overlooking the river Thames, animating the Greenwich Peninsula skyline. The multi-coloured cranes will frame the construction of Upper Riverside.

9 x colourblock cranes on Upper Riverside.

Now Gallery &
Knight Dragon

Kaia Charles

Upper Riverside 
North Greenwich 

Cranes on site
Lee Mawdsley

Spraying cranes
Mark Wilmot

Temporary Installation

two phases 
Phase 1 2016
Phase 2 2017 

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