Surrender to its Warm Embrace

Justkids contacted Morag and said they had a derelict motel in Downtown Las Vegas they thought would be perfect for one of her installations for the Life is Beautiful Festival 2017. "When I looked at the location I totally loved how abandoned it was. A motel was a place of refuge and I wanted to reinstate this with the installation." says Morag

Also my experience of Las Vegas was of extremely hot temperatures. It was the perfect place to make a sun installation with the phrase Surrender to its Warm Embrace. The sun is the most important source of energy for life on earth and where better to feel this but in the middle of the desert.

Charlotte Dutoit 
Curator, Justkids

Downtown Las Vegas,

Luke Morgan
Morag Myerscough

Temporary Installation

September 2017

Project Legacy
Scaffolding was hired.
The panels have been stored 
with the intention to rebuild
it at some point.

Justkids is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary
& women-led art platform providing design,
curatorial and production services for public and
privately commissioned art. Collaborating with cities,
community organizations, sensible brands,
and institutional spaces internationally.
With a strong global network of leading
contemporary artists, curators and creative teams, 
Justkids offers wide-ranging visual experiences that
engage with diverse audiences and communities.
Justkids favours and promotes art practices that
exist in or take inspiration from the
unmediated public space.

Life is Beautiful Festival 
Was born in 2013 as part of the major transformation
of Downtown Las Vegas as a Cultural Hub.
During the three-day event, the best music acts,
artists, thinkers, culinary talent and festival-goers
flow into the urban streets of DTLV. What started as an
event has become something more...

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